Japan's Rakuten Mobile Selects DZS for 5G Fronthaul Solutions

  • DASAN Zhone Solutions (DZS)

OAKLAND, CA — Rakuten Mobile, a Japanese mobile operator, has selected DASAN Zhone Solutions, a global provider of network access solutions for service providers, as a technology partner to deliver the next generation of mobile cell site aggregation switches that support 4G LTE and 5G ready services as well as Wi-Fi services.

Rakuten Mobile is building a cloud-native mobile network that will scale the end user experience and transform the operational simplicity of managing a nationwide mobile network. Rakuten mobile’s new mobile architecture is based on network virtualization and cloud web-scale solutions that enable the ultra-fast delivery of services and readily scales for mass market roll-out. The utilization of fiber densification to mobile cell sites enables ultra-high performance and low latency transport that both enhances the end mobile user application experience and enables Rakuten to automate and manage the network services at a fraction of the cost of traditional operators.


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