JT Chooses Infotech Enterprises as GIS Deployer for Fiber Project

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LONDON - JT, the communications provider for the Isle of Jersey, selected Infotech Enterprises Europe, a subsidiary of global engineering firm Infotech Enterprises, to deploy an integrated GIS solution to support its rollout of fiber to the home in Jersey.

JT's offering includes not only voice and data but also consultancy, colocation, Internet, security, cloud backup and mobile. The new FTTH infrastructure, which will be completed by 2016 and will replace the existing copper network, will allow the island's 90,000 residents access to ultra-fast broadband connectivity as well as ultra-high-definition television and community-based applications.

Infotech’s solution, which is based on Telcordia’s Network Engineer product suite, is designed to support robust growth and future service offerings for JT and also to drive operational and cost efficiencies into JT’s deployment program. (Telcordia, a subsidiary of Ericsson, is also a partner in the project.)

The deployment of a single GIS inventory system will enable JT planners, supervisors and engineers to effectively plan and manage fiber and duct infrastructure and to address future end-to-end provisioning, fulfillment and assurance requirements. This solution can also be extended to the JT field engineering team through portable devices enabling remote access to manage the critical network assets.


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