Kabel Deutschland, ARRIS Announce 4.7 Gbps Cable Download

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SUWANEE, GA – As Deutsche Telekom, Germany's incumbent telephone provider, revs up its fiber-to-the-home build, its cable rivals are working to keep their own offerings competitive. Cable equipment manufacturer ARRIS Group announced that Kabel Deutschland (KD), Germany’s largest cable service provider, successfully field tested the combination of a EuroDOCSIS 3.0-based ARRIS C4 CMTS and 12 ARRIS Touchstone CM820S cable modems -- each accessing eight bonded Annex A (8 MHz) channels -- to deliver an impressive 4.7 Gbps of aggregated data throughput in the downstream. (Upstream data speeds on cable still do not match those on fiber.)

The tests were conducted on a real cable plant at a school in the city of Schwerin, Germany. Schwerin’s cable plant was recently upgraded by KD to 862 MHz, and the 4.7 Gbps field test was based on the use of currently available standards, technology and hardware. Kabel Deutschland has been an ARRIS CMTS customer since 2007.

“Our field test with ARRIS, with an aggregate download capacity of well over 4 Gbps, was a complete success and underlines the unique selling proposition of our cable network as the only extensive ultra-fast network in the German broadband market,” says KD Chief Technology Officer Lorenz Glatz.

“Using this technology, a feature-length movie could theoretically be downloaded in 8 seconds – at speeds faster than a standard laptop or modem can even process – demonstrating that today’s broadband cable network is already a high-performance and sustainable infrastructure offering huge untapped potential. This demonstrates that today’s HFC plant has the capacity to deliver a full IP video load, and that the entire HFC plant can be converted into one or more enormous pipes to meet future consumer bandwidth demands, using current technology and networks,” noted Tom Cloonan, ARRIS CTO, Network Solutions. “We congratulate Kabel Deutschland on pushing through existing barriers to deliver their customers the services of tomorrow, today.”


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