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KANSAS CITY, KA - In an effort to democratize software access, the Kansas City Public Library is developing a lending library of software applications that patrons can download remotely and use for a given period of time. The technical requirements were made possible by Kansas City's ultrafast Google Fiber network.

The Software Lending Library initiative is a result of a Mozilla Ignite Challenge award granted to The Kansas City public library to enable patrons to familiarize themselves with software that is very expensive to buy on a stand-alone basis.

According to the Mozilla Ignite blog, "This project simply would not be possible without gigabit fiber connectivity. Kansas City's ultrafast Google Fiber network is not just high speed but low-latency. At the Mozilla-sponsored Hacking the Gigabit City hackfest at the Google Fiber Space, March 22-24, 2013, we demonstrated that off-the-shelf remote desktop software was responsive enough over Google Fiber to be used by remote users to manipulate images in Adobe Photoshop. This creates a host of possibilities for delivering software to patrons and students who will be connected at their schools, libraries and community centers even if they do not have Google Fiber at home."

Promoting Digital Inclusion
The Mozilla Ignite blog goes on to say, "The Lending Library has tremendous potential to mediate the effects of unequal access to productivity tools in the community. As KC-area libraries develop a comprehensive digital inclusion strategy to coincide with Google Fiber's saturation in neighborhoods, the Software Lending Library can provide immediate access for trainers and trainees. We can marry the use of an application to training and education about its value."


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