Karib Cable to Build Fiber Network in Barbados

BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS - Karib Cable, a regional telecom provider in the Caribbean, announced that it will build a world-class telecommunications network in Barbados. Karib Cable will design, build, and operate a fiber optic network to offer faster broadband Internet access, cable television and fixed line telephone service.

Karib Cable operates serves more than 50,000 customers in three countries and seven islands. The company is set to provide services to both corporate and residential customers in Barbados.

"Karib's leading-edge fiber optic technology will provide a best-in-class infrastructure for all Barbadians. Moreover, the new network will enhance Barbados' reputation as being one of world's pre-eminent international business centers. By improving our telecommunications network, Barbados will improve its ability to attract, win and sustain investment for Barbados," says Wayne Kirton, CEO of Invest Barbados, the country's economic development agency.

Karib has also promised upwards of 200 new jobs and an investment of $65 million Barbados dollars ($32 million USD) into the economy, both key components of the government's vision for the development of the country.


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