KDDI Japan Launches 10G Internet Service with DASAN Zhone Equipment

  • Kyocera Communication Systems
OAKLAND, CA — Japanese tier 1 telecommunications operator KDDI has begun to offer a commercialized 10G symmetrical Internet service in Japan utilizing DASAN Zhone Solutions (DZS) equipment. KDDI is a major telecommunications company in Japan, providing wired and wireless communication services and building next generation networks utilizing advanced technology.

The DZS solution deployed at KDDI is symmetric 10G-EPON (10/10Gbps Ethernet Passive Optical Network), standardized in IEEE 802.3. 10G-EPON is one of two major types of 10G PON-based solutions DZS offers that are used in high-speed wired Internet networks.

Continued Investment ahead of Tokyo Summer Olympic Games in 2020
DZS anticipates continued strong growth in Japan over the next three years as Japanese telecom operators are expected to invest heavily in telecommunication system upgrades ahead of the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games in 2020.

DZS is supplying its products through system integrator and domestic sales agent Kyocera Communication Systems (KCCS). KCCS is a KDDI affiliate that develops and manages business solutions through a broad portfolio of engineering and management consulting services.

DZS will continue to build its global momentum as a best-in-class supplier of 10G PON-based solutions by strengthening its relationship with KDDI, and by applying its experience and success in Japan to operator requirements located throughout the rest of the world.


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