KentuckyWired Lights Up its First Government Site

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FRANKFORT, KY — KentuckyWired, The Commonwealth’s high-speed fiber optic cable network, activated its first site Thursday, December 5, when the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) office in Owenton transitioned their services to the KentuckyWired network.

Deck Decker, interim director of the Kentucky Communications Network Authority (KCNA), which oversees the KentuckyWired project, said the transition went smoothly. “We’re very happy with the results of this first real use of the network. Sites all over the Commonwealth will be coming on line now beginning with those in the northern section known as Ring 1A.”

Decker said all rings should be up and running by October of 2020Construction of the 3,000-mile network is over two-thirds complete. “Work is ongoing throughout the entire state, and fiber construction is now complete in Ring 1A, 1B, and 2. And Ring 5 will be finished this month,” Decker said.

Private Companies Can Lease KentuckyWired Fiber

The KentuckyWired network will connect state offices and institutions, state police posts, state parks, and state veterans homes in all 120 counties throughout the entire Commonwealth. Anywhere along its path, private companies can connect to KentuckyWired and lease its fiber.

The KentuckyWired project will help internet companies extend service to more rural areas, attract businesses to build in Kentucky, strengthen the capabilities of law enforcement and first responders, and enhance healthcare and education opportunities.


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