KINBER Grant to Connect Fannett-Metal School District to Statewide Network

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HARRISBURG, PA — Fannett-Metal School District, a rural school district in northern Franklin County, Pennsylvania, is the first organization to receive a grant through the Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education and Research (KINBER) Resource Pool. The award will enable the district to connect to KINBER’s high-performance Pennsylvania Research and Education Network, the statewide broadband superhighway known as PennREN. The Fannett-Metal project also supports a pilot for enhanced educational content and program opportunities including participation in remote virtual instruction and a pilot program for delivery of Advanced Placement courses.

“KINBER is eager to work with Fannett-Metal School District to bring the power of PennREN, technical expertise and rich content to the community while laying the groundwork to provide access to a broad range of educational resources, such as master classes, remote foreign language instruction and virtual field trips, to name a few,” said Wendy Huntoon, KINBER president and CEO.

First KINBER Resource Pool Recipient
The district is the first recipient to benefit from the KINBER Resource Pool, which was designed to help provide enabling resources to allow the development of new and unique projects and services by the KINBER community and to encourage and promote the experimentation and adoption of different types of infrastructure and services.

“As an original node on PennREN, Fannett-Metal School District has been eager to connect to the network and begin using advanced services in support of education in the district and the community. With these resources we now can leverage the network and dramatically increase the academic and professional development offerings available to Fannett-Metal students, faculty and staff,” said Stephanie Shoemaker, Fannett-Metal School District interim superintendent.

A review committee consisting of KINBER board members and staff reviewed and approved the school district’s request for PennREN Advantage 500 Mbps service through KINBER for a limited one-year pilot program. The value of the proposed project is nearly $26,000, which covers the initial cost of turning up the Fannett-Metal connection to PennREN, bandwidth and six months of videoconferencing services provided through the KINBER Blue Jeans pilot. The resource pool award for Fannett-Metal runs through Sept. 2016.


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