Kinetic Offers Free Digital Literacy Courses

LITTLE ROCK, AR – People of all ages can learn how to use computers and navigate the online world through free courses offered by high-speed fiber internet provider Kinetic.

The online Kinetic Digital Literacy Program includes 12 video courses in three categories—essential computer skills, basic office software skills, and daily technology skills. All courses are created by Kinetic’s learning and development team.

“Our goal is to help people know the basics of how technology works and how to use it with confidence,” said Mark Saffell, senior director of learning and development at Kinetic. “You may have never used a computer before, or you may just want to brush up on your skills. Whatever your situation, you’ll be able through these courses to learn what you need to know to take part in today’s digital world fully, safely, and responsibly.”

He added: “We also understand that many people who are new to computers or the internet don’t have computers of their own. That’s why we’re making Kinetic’s courses available at public libraries so that learners can use the library computers, thanks to our relationship with the American Library Association. We’re going to start with libraries in mostly rural communities where we offer high-speed fiber internet to households and small businesses.”

The program, launched to coincide with the start of a new school year, also supports Kinetic’s commitment to serving people who are underserved, thereby reducing the digital divide.

“Having access to the technology and not having the skills you need to use it is another form of the digital divide,” said Kinetic president Jeff Small. “Promoting digital literacy is a key part of the investment we are making in the communities we call home. Our promise is to increase digital equity by bringing our best internet experience to these communities and improving digital literacy so that everyone can be a full player in today’s digital world. You can’t even apply for a job today without digital literacy because many companies now only accept online applications. That’s why we created this digital literacy program.”

Each course is designed for success by children as well as adults. The average time to complete a course ranges from five to 12 minutes. Anyone, anywhere can take a course for free anytime by visiting Kinetic’s digital literacy website. Learners do not need to register or be Kinetic customers, and they can take the courses as many times as they like.

“No one is born with digital literacy skills, but everyone needs them to succeed in today’s world,” Small said. “This free program helps learners develop computer and online skills that are essential for digital success.”



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