KNÖV-NetT Selects PBN for FTTH Network in Germany

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ALMERE, THE NETHERLANDS - KNÖV-NetT, a municipal broadband utility, has selected PBN’s AOCM6000 product family, including its HFC-overlay solution, for the future deployment of its high-end FTTH network in and around Bordesholm, Germany, north of Hamburg.

At the end of 2010, KNÖV-NetT began to construct its fiber network infrastructure, including two headends, to serve a significant part of the network. Recently, to achieve a balance of capacity and coverage, KNÖV-NetT decided to add strategically situated outdoor POPs to its network, choosing PBN's fully integrated FTTH solution, which includes both hardware and software.

PBN’s NMS3 software suite is designed to enable easy operation of data, voice, telephony and CATV-overlay services, together with future expansion capability. PBN’s FTTH solution is built around the AOCM6000 carrier-grade switch and routing platform, fast Ethernet and gigabit Ethernet CPEs, all managed using PBN’s NMS3 software suite. PBN hardware provides the speed and quality that KNÖV-NetT requires, while the NMS3 management and provisioning software is capable of simultaneously managing several networks and headends. PBN's integrated FTTH solution will enable KNÖV-NetT to support the ongoing growth of its FTTH activities.


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