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UMEA, SWEDEN — Kommunicera, a Swedish ISP, announced that it has renewed its business engine agreement with COS Systems, which provides a self-service product suite to optimize FTTH networks. The renewed agreement enables Kommunicera to efficiently manage its broadband network customers, providers and services. “It was Kommunicera that once ordered the very first version of COS Business Engine, and this new contract proves that its basic ideas were right, and that we’ve further developed and refined them in an excellent way over the years,” said Isak Finér, chief marketing officer at COS Systems.

As early as 2008, Kommunicera ordered a business and operations support system (BSS/OSS) that could handle the high volume of customer relocations in their real estate portfolio, where a vast majority of the tenants are students. “For a few weeks in the beginning of each semester, there may be up to 2,000 students moving in and out,” says Håkan Holmström, IT Director of Bostaden, who is accountable for Kommunicera’s business. “To handle this with traditional customer service would require a considerable staffing, so one of our main requirements of the system was that the customers themselves could provide their personal information and buy, change and terminate broadband services from many different suppliers without the involvement of any Kommunicera staff. Additionally, it would control the technical equipment, so that the ordered services were activated automatically by the software.” This needs-based solution is the foundation of today’s COS Business Engine.

“COS Business Engine is really the core of our business. Thanks to the high degree of self-service and automation,” Holmström said, “we are only a few people who manage a network that reaches 15,000 residences.” Nowhere else in Sweden does the tenancy turnover at this high churn rate.

COS Business Engine Lasts Over Time
“But it’s not just the obvious advantages of a web portal where customers can order their services themselves that create efficiency. The system has lots of validations and built-in data controls that make it almost impossible to enter incorrect information in its databases,” Holmström said. “If you’re new to this industry, you might not realize it, but bad data is what eventually will make you lose control of your customers and revenue, resulting in a lot of unnecessary work, lost revenue and unhappy customers. COS Business Engine really is a system that lasts over time.”

According to COS Systems CMO, “While each agreement is important for us, you can’t beat the validation from COS’s very first customer and the continued confidence in COS as a system supplier. Kommunicera really is proof that our system delivers the efficiency and business advantages, as we say it does. Where else can a firm handle this rate of customer relocation and starting-stopping broadband services with so few resources and staff? We look forward to increasing property management firms’ profitability worldwide with this proven solution.”

COS Systems is currently undergoing an intensive phase of growth. Not at least with the recent successes in the booming US fiber market. The company’s software, which aids broadband networks, has created rapidly increasing demand in the USA and signed five new customers in just the last month. COS Systems’ goal is to be in the forefront of the industry with its innovative systems that streamline customers’ business processes, boost sales and profitability, and create satisfied customers.


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