L-com Launches Passive Optical Fiber Taps for Monitoring and Testing Fiber Optic Links

  • L-com Global Connectivity

IRVINE, CA — L-com, a manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity products, announced that it has just launched a new line of passive fiber optic taps to address telecommunications, test and measurement, R&D, fiber network maintenance and optical system design applications.

L-com’s new passive fiber optic taps are used for monitoring and testing of fiber optic links. They split a certain percentage of optical power to allow for analysis of data and signal integrity, as well as enabling maintenance of a fiber link without interruption of service.

Since different split ratios are required depending on the data protocol, type of monitoring and type of testing, L-com offers split ratios of 50/50, 60/40, 70/30 and 98/2 off-the-shelf. Other features include single-mode and multimode versions, LC and MPO connector options, LGX module form factors as well as component form factors (single-mode LC only).

“We are excited to add to our already extensive fiber product line by offering these new passive optical taps. These products can be used in a multitude of test and analysis applications across a wide range of industries. By offering same-day shipping on these new products we are able to meet our customers’ urgent needs,” said Paul Hospodar, product line manager.



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