Lakeland, Florida, Selects Magellan Advisors for Broadband Strategic Plan

  • Magellan Advisors
DENVER, CO — The city of Lakeland, Florida, has engaged Magellan Advisors, a broadband planning and telecom-consulting firm, to develop a broadband strategic plan. Lakeland officials will work with Magellan’s team of broadband planners as they collect data, which will form the baseline of work for the creation of a strategic broadband plan. Magellan’s staff has over 150 years combined experience in telecommunications and broadband planning for city governments and public utility organizations similar to Lakeland.

Magellan’s staff will create a plan that supports the growing demand for high-speed broadband through a current asset inventory; community needs assessment, business planning, economic development analysis and network planning. The project will put Lakeland in the position to make informed decisions moving forward to expand the current network and create a fiber communications utility. Lakeland's CIO Terry Brigman states, “The city of Lakeland is dedicated to meeting the needs of its citizens, and positioning Lakeland to continue to compete and continue to be a world class community. Working with Magellan Advisors will give us the right tools, information and plan to continue Lakeland’s ability to support its community, economic development, and quality of life for its citizens.”

Magellan Advisors has a long history of developing broadband strategic plans for municipalities similar to Lakeland. Magellan’s real world experience will give Lakeland informed and actionable steps to move forward with implementation of a fiber optic broadband utility. President and CEO of Magellan Advisors John Honker states, “Magellan is eager to work with the city of Lakeland in analyzing the needs of the community, and leveraging the city’s current infrastructure to complete the city’s ultimate goal of creating affordable, accessible ultra high speed broadband throughout its community.”


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