Langham Place Adopts HGC’s IoT Property Management Solution

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  • Macroview Telecom

HONG KONG — Langham Place Mall in Hong Kong has adopted a one-stop IoT property management solution from HGC Global Communications (HGC), a fixed-line operator and ICT service provider with extensive local and international network coverage, services and infrastructure. The new solutions will further strengthen daily operations and increase property management efficiency of the property.

With around 200 shops, Langham Place is a popular shopping and dining destination for locals and tourists. The mall pursues a stable, safe and sustainable development for its building facilities management. The IoT property management solution provided by HGC can accelerate the digital transformation of the mall and further enhance its competitive edge within the region. HGC’s solution covers different areas of property management for the mall including a number of one-stop services, such as professional consultation, project management, implementation, maintenance and technical support.

Automated Teal-time Tracking

Timothy Chu, director of technical service of Keysen Property Management Services, which is responsible for the management of Langham Place, said, “The IoT technology provided by HGC is embedded with the smart sensors and alert systems to closely monitor the indoor temperature, humidity, air quality, water leakage alarms, and foot traffic flow. The team can further utilize the HGC's Smart AI Portal (SAIP), a single platform to have all-round monitoring of the smart devices. The platform's artificial intelligence forecasting system will help simplify operations, facilitate the team to take appropriate follow-up actions promptly, and develop a more effective approach for allocation of resources.”

Optimizing Operational Efficiency

In addition, the solution will help the team organize projects more efficiently. “With the wireless network laid inside the mall, together with smart systems and IoT technology, there is no need to remove existing decorations and finishes for installation of new power supply and signal wiring. It will extensively reduce the amount of construction waste created by relative projects, which is aligned with our mission to protect the environment. As we no longer have to fence off the area involved, we can create a better experience to our customers when installation works are in progress. Project costs will be hugely reduced while higher operational efficiency can be achieved. The exercise of IoT deployment is also aligned with our commitment on energy conservation and our mission to become a green property,” said Timothy Chu.

Rainbow Wong, vice president, corporate business of HGC, said, “Digital transformation of property management is a major trend. It is also critical for enterprises to enhance their business operations. The property management solution provided for Langham Place and the implementation of the SAIP demonstrated that through stable network coverage, professional business consultation and collaboration between the company and the ICT total solution supported by Macroview Telecom, a HGC Group Company, HGC can be a reliable partner to customers from all industries, and provide them with property management digitalization. Based on their business needs, we deal with different property management pain points and enhance management quality.”


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