Leviton Introduces Opt-X SDX Wall-Mount Enclosures

  • Leviton Network Solutions
BOTHEL, WA — Leviton, a provider of network infrastructure systems, unveiled new additions to its family of Opt-X fiber enclosures. The new SDX Wall-Mount Fiber Optic Enclosure line simplifies the selection, installation and maintenance process for contractors. Designed for applications varying from telecommunications rooms, network hubs, remote network extensions and end-of-row patching, the wall-mount enclosures accommodate a wide array of Leviton SDX and HDX adapter plates, cassettes, splice trays and splice modules. With four sizes available — accommodating from 24 to 288 LC fibers — the entire product line is engineered with a consistent feature set, installation steps and deployment process, making it an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications.

“Leviton engineered SDX Wall-Mount Enclosures to support a wide array of indoor environments, such as remote network hubs that require a variety of fiber counts, service provider installs that need higher security options and data center zero-RU applications that require field splicing,” said Tony Yuen, senor product manager for Leviton Network Solutions. “We’ve even taken extreme space concerns into consideration, offering mounting options for non-traditional network areas like under a desk or inside a cubicle wall. This gives IT managers and network designers much more flexibility.”

The new enclosures offer additional benefits:

  • Network security: locking doors and dual-door access to separate user and service sides

  • Cable and patch cord protection: making it easier for contractors to dress-out and protect cable and jackets from damage and pinching

  • Space savings: compact zero-RU, wall-mount and din-rail mounting options

  • Network consistency: enclosures accommodate both Leviton SDX and HDX patching platforms

  • Field splicing: includes both splice trays and self-contained splice modules

The SDX Wall-Mount line includes the following size and capacity options:

  • Mini Enclosure houses one SDX component and patches up to 24 LC fibers

  • Small Enclosure houses two SDX components and patches up to 48 LC fibers

  • Medium Enclosure houses four SDX components and patches up to 96 LC fibers

  • Large Enclosure houses twelve SDX components and patches up to 288 LC fibers

The enclosures are available through Leviton’s extensive distribution network.


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