Leviton Launches New Opt-X Fiber Splice Modules

  • Leviton Network Solutions
BOTHELL, WA – Leviton, a provider of complete network infrastructure systems, announced the release of its new Opt-X 12- and 24-Fiber Splice Modules. The modules offer a faster, simpler fusion splicing solution for fiber applications across wide area networks (WANs), campus backbone environments, high-count riser buildings, government installations, central offices and data centers.

“The Fiber Splice Modules integrate a fiber adapter bulkhead with splice holders to support faster fusion splicing while offering higher density per rack unit than competitive alternatives,” said Tony Yuen, senior product manager, fiber, for Leviton Network Solutions. “This solution also makes it easier to access individual splices, even in high-port count, high-density applications.”

Ease of Maintenance and Scaling
New Opt-X Fiber Splice Modules provide slack storage and bend radius guides for respective backbone cable, 900 μm tight-buffer pigtails and fusion-spliced fibers, allowing for easy maintenance and scaling without impacting existing fibers. Additionally, they easily install in Opt-X rack-mount (Ultra, 1000i and 500i) and wall-mount fiber enclosures. They are offered in single-mode (OS2) UPC/APC and laser-optimized multimode (OM3) fiber types.

Designed in collaboration with cable manufacturer Berk-Tek, the splice modules are ideal for use with Berk-Tek Adventum Loose Tube I/O Cable. The cable is less expensive, features a smaller outer diameter and is easier to install than tight-buffer cable alternatives.


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