Leviton Launches the Opt-X HD Enclosure System

  • Leviton
BOTHELL, WA - Leviton, a provider of network infrastructure systems, announced the release of the Opt-X HD Fiber Enclosure System, an expansion to its Opt-X line of fiber optic connectivity. The new system increases fiber density by up to 50 percent within the same rack space for additional interconnect or cross-connect patching. It includes high-density enclosures, MTP cassettes and adapter plates.

The system’s high-density Opt-X Evolve MTP cassettes and adapter plates fit into Opt-X Ultra HD and Opt-X 1000i HD 1RU and 2RU enclosures. The fiber MTP cassettes are pre-terminated, pre-tested and come with 12- or 24-fiber MTP connectors. The pass-through adapter plates are available with MTP, LC or SC adapter types.

Both high-density enclosures can accommodate up to 1,152 fibers in a 1RU space and 2,304 fibers in a 2RU space when using 24-fiber MTP connectors. It can accommodate 96 fibers in a 1RU space when using LC connectors. The combination of MTP cassettes and adapter plates in conjunction with Opt-X Unity products allows for easy migration to 10, 40 and 100 Gbps transmission speeds.

The enclosures include a removable sliding tray that makes for easy installation, organization and maintenance. An optional retrofit sliding tray allows users to upgrade existing Opt-X Ultra or 1000i enclosures to accept the Opt-X Evolve cassettes and adapter plates. This provides extra density in the same rack space without the need to purchase a new enclosure.


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