Leviton's new LC Uniboot Patch Cord features Reversing Polarity

  • Leviton
BOTHELL, WA – Leviton, a provider of electrical wiring devices, network and data center connectivity solutions, announced a new uniboot design available for its Premium Series fiber optic LC patch cords. The uniboot option includes a reversing polarity feature that provides quick and easy polarity changes in the field.

The new LC connector includes a finger latch release that eliminates the need for tools when making the polarity change. It is color-coded and labeled “A” and “B” to provide visual references when making a polarity flip. The uniboot design is compatible with FOCIS-compliant duplex connectors and transceivers using the LC interface.

“On top of the unique reversing polarity feature, the uniboot option cuts the amount of cabling by half compared to conventional duplex cords, greatly reducing cable congestion in racks and cabinets,” said David Mullen, senior product manager for fiber at Leviton. “The cord is perfect for high-density applications where the cable footprint is critical.”

The uniboot is available on 2.0 mm round cable, and will also support legacy applications using
2.9 mm cable. Premium Series patch cords are made in the U.S.


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