Lexington’s Lakewood Park Apartments to Offer Fiber Optic Hookups

  • Time Warner Business Class
LEXINGTON, KY — Lakewood Park Apartment Homes, which is tucked into the Lakeview Estates neighborhood on Lexington’s southeast side, is undergoing the installation of a fiber optic network from Time Warner Business Class that residents will enjoy as an amenity. “Crews are installing the cable now,” said Brad Rose, Lakewood Park’s property manager, “and the plan is to have it up and running and useable by tenants on July 1.”

Tenants already have broadband Internet access, but, according to Rose, this new option will be very attractive and one that he believes many of the tenants will choose to use. “We’re going to offer it at just $25 extra a month,” he said, “and this we believe is an attractive price for the tenants, because fiber optic really is still fairly expensive when it’s purchased for individual use. The goal of Lakewood Park is to make the living experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible. The new fiber optic Internet system is one more value-added amenity we can offer our residents to make their living experience one of a kind.”

Fiber optic connections are carried by modulated light through an optic fiber. These very thin fibers — as thin as a human hair — can carry digital information over long distances. Once installed, the fiber optic Internet connection is considered to be extremely reliable, less likely to go down during power outages, less likely to receive interference from nearby power lines or high-voltage electrical items, and offers a much faster Internet speed than broadband.


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