Lightpath Lights More Than 7,000 Locations in New York Metro Area

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JERICHO, NY – Lightpath, a provider of Ethernet-based communication solutions for New York metropolitan area businesses, announced that its expansive 100 percent fiber network now connects more than 7,000 locations and spans more than 5,800 fiber route miles. The latest adds, almost half of which include locations in New Jersey, represent ongoing efforts by Lightpath to bring fast, high-quality and reliable telecommunications services to more mid-market organizations. In the past year, more than 1,000 new locations have been brought onto the company’s network.

Medium-Sized Businesses Embrace Cloud Applications
More medium-sized businesses are supporting cloud applications, mobile devices, video conferencing services and other bandwidth-intensive activities. This is especially true for the professional services market that spans business services, engineering, accounting, finance, insurance, real estate and law. These businesses increasingly need help supporting critical IT services, such as voice, collaboration, WiFi and backup, as the latest feature sets and capabilities drive management complexities. Lightpath responds with an evolving lineup of managed services that add significant value to the company’s core Internet and voice offerings.

“Lightpath is bringing more services, value and cutting-edge connectivity to more businesses as it expands ever further into key regions that need a powerful fiber network to support increasing demands,” said Julia McGrath, senior vice president and chief strategy officer for Lightpath. “With one of the densest fiber networks in the country, Lightpath is helping to ensure that more businesses than ever are positioned to capitalize on a range of new opportunities, driving success.”

Spectraserv, an environmental services company based in Kearny, New Jersey, has experienced firsthand how a premium telecom connection can open the door to more opportunities and increased flexibility. The company’s diverse workforce of 100 managers, engineers, scientists, mechanics, drivers and laborers all had increasingly demanding technology needs that could not be met by existing telecom providers. In order to roll out the latest cloud-based software, deploy a virtual private network to remotely support mobile teams and take advantage of the latest technologies as they became available, Spectraserv needed much more bandwidth.

“As our business grew and changed over the years, we found ourselves in need of a fiber-based telecommunications service that could support our high-bandwidth needs, but there were absolutely no options in our area,” said James Miele, owner, Spectraserv. “We talked to Lightpath about what we needed and they invested in building fiber all the way to our building. We felt the difference immediately. Bandwidth is no longer a limiter, it is an enabler that gives us the freedom to deploy new technology as soon as we’re ready for it. This would not have been possible without a top quality network to support us.”


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