Lindsay Broadband Launches Network & CPE UPS Product Lines

  • Lindsay Broadband

NEW ORLEANS, LA — Lindsay Broadband, a global provider of advanced solutions that help CSPs deliver new business services to their customers, announced the launch of its network UPS and customer premise UPS devices. These robust, competitively priced backup power solutions will keep customers connected during power outages.

Lindsay’s LBUPS-900/1350 standby power supplies provide backup power for cable system networks in outdoor powering applications. They are available in 900 or 1350 W with line-interactive ferroresonant technology, and microprocessor controlled regulated quasi-square wave output. A 3.2” (8.1cm) color touch screen display enables user-friendly operation. Features include an intelligent battery management system with temperature compensation, excellent input, output and short circuit protection, easily accessible front panel connections, hot-swappable inverter modules, and field-selectable output voltage. Optional DOCSIS / EuroDOCSIS embedded status monitoring is available along with enclosures for pole or wall mount installations.

Lindsay’s LBP-UPS-F devices are powerful, compact 12 VDC UPS solutions that provide backup power for the customer premise. They are available in 8- or 24-hour backup offerings and utilize lithium-ion battery technology. They can be used to back up 12 VDC devices such as routers, wireless routers, modems, cameras, RFoG nodes, PON ONTs, and access points. They feature full microprocessor function control, battery charge and safety management, zero transfer time output, surge protection, over voltage, overload and short circuit protection, LED status indicators, auto-start and manual on/off switch, last gasp 8 and 30 minute run times respectively, as well as telemetry.


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