Longmont, CO Opens Muni Fiber Network to Private Sector

LONGMONT, CO - Longmont Power & Communications (LPC), a telcom and broadband provider serving Longment, Colorado, is preparing to provide services to businesses and residents that are adjacent to the city's municipal fiber infrastructure.

Fiber Access for Businesses
LPC staff has identified 1,280 businesses that are within 500 feet or less of the existing fiber network. The proximity of these businesses to the network makes them strong candidates for the initial provision of broadband services, including Internet connections. LPC emphasizes that the costs of service extensions to these businesses are the customer's responsibility.

Fiber Access for Residents
The potential for early delivery of broadband service to residents is also dependent on their proximity to the fiber network and LPC staff is identifying concentrations of residences near existing infrastructure. As with business customers, any costs related to service extensions to homes would be the responsibility of the customer.


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