Louisville Approves Franchise Contracts for Improved Internet Service

  • BGN Networks
  • Fiber Technologies
  • SiFi Networks
LOUISVILLE, KY – The city of Louisville approved three franchise agreement contracts designed to enhance Internet service in Metro Louisville.

“These contracts will go a long way in connecting many underserved areas of the city in need of ultra-high speed internet service,” said Councilman Dan Johnson (D-21) who chairs the Metro Council’s Public Works, Bridges and Transportation committee.

Sifi Networks, BGN Networks and Fiber Technologies appeared before the Committee on Tuesday with more details of how they would run fiber optic cable into various areas of the city to serve both prospective residential and commercial customers.

“The Metro Council took its due diligence to review these three franchise agreements and ensure that each would benefit the people of Louisville,” said Councilman Kevin Kramer (R-11). “As sponsor of these ordinances and National League of Cities board member – I know the importance of improved competition and expanded availability of fiber wire for job development. I look forward to the passage of these ordinances at Thursday’s meeting.”

The contracts are part of Mayor Greg Fischer’s effort to enhance access to ultra-high speed Internet in the area like other major cities across the country. The franchise agreements would last for 20 years.


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