Lumen Signs White House Infrastructure Talent Pipeline Challenge

Company plans to invests in workforce training and development.

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Lumen signed the White House Infrastructure Talent Pipeline Challenge and pledged to grow and care for its workforce by investing in training and development programs. These training programs will enable us to bring fiber broadband to more Americans.

Scott Trezise, Lumen’s chief human resources officer, attended the White House announcement. On behalf of Lumen, he committed to work with the administration and policymakers on the talent growth and training opportunities that will support our new fiber builds and helps us close the digital divide.

The company said it is investing more than $80 million annually to hire and employ nearly 1,000 new workers in support of our fiber broadband expansion program. It is also providing hundreds of in-person, hands-on technical training sessions in support of this effort. 

We know firsthand how important it is to commit to training, building and caring for new talent. We are doing many things to help, including offering comprehensive education, training and childcare benefits to hundreds of front-line technicians, project managers and other leaders we are actively hiring to support the buildout of America’s critical internet infrastructure. 

Lumen’s recruiting and training programs—which promote diversity as a core pillar—provide opportunities for high school students, people transitioning from the military, and those looking to get into the tech world regardless of their level of experience. 

Lumen’s Enhanced Premise Technician New Hire Program, Ops Academy and Field Academy offer training on technology, safety, customer experience, systems, processes and standards/expectations. The provider also offers on-the-job mentoring, job shadowing and coaching.    

Employees, including new recruits, can participate in Lumen’s Partners in Education Program that offers $5,250 per year for tuition assistance or to help with training. They can also participate in an EdAssist program that helps employees find the right education and training program that matches their career goals. 

Lumen also provides employees with access to back-up adult care, childcare, pet care and extended family leave programs. We care for our employees through our Care@Work program and membership programs. 

These programs provide 10 back-up care days with vetted and subsidized adult care and childcare when regular care is not available, as well as access to 24/7 help with childcare, babysitters and nannies, special needs care, tutoring, housekeeping and more.  

Lumen said it plans to further invest in the physical, mental and emotional well-being of our people through comprehensive medical and wellness programs that include extended maternity and parental leave; a Milk Stork program for nursing mothers; fertility benefits; adoption benefits; domestic partner healthcare benefits; mental health benefits; survivor benefits; disability accommodations; nutritional and exercise programs; health, dental and vision plans; and flexible spending/health savings accounts.


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