Lumos Completes Gig Speed Fiber Internet Project in the Alleghany Highlands

New build enables 12K new addresses with fiber and adds over 650 route miles of fiber in the Alleghany Highlands.

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Alleghany Highlands, VA--Consumers and businesses in the Alleghany Highlands now have access to a fiber network from Lumos, a premier provider of fiber-to-the-premises internet. Lumos now offers direct fiber connections to the internet at speeds the region has never had before, eliminating the digital divide and placing Alleghany Highlands at the forefront of the gig economy. With the completion of this project, Alleghany Highlands leapfrogs a generation enabling an economic boom and the ability to attract gig workers who want to live, learn, work, and thrive in the region.

"Our goal is to bring gig-speed fiber internet to as many people as possible, especially those in underserved communities," Lumos CEO Diego Anderson said. "I'm thrilled to announce we now have a fiber network in Alleghany Highlands, which brings the first future-proof network to the area and one that is essential for Alleghany Highlands to thrive in the gig economy and continue to attract and retain the best and brightest who want to live and work in this beautiful location within the Commonwealth.”

"Our fiber broadband network anchors the area’s campaign to attract new residents and businesses to ‘Live Uniquely, Work Remotely.’ Only a 100% fiber network can provide the reliability and consistently fast download and upload connections necessary for ultra-high-bandwidth applications including HD quality video meetings, virtual learning, latency-free VR gaming, e-commerce, and cloud computing,” said Anderson.

"This milestone culminates a monumental collaborative public-private partnership effort between the leadership in the county, city, and towns in the Alleghany Highlands," said Delegate Terry Austin. "This type of alliance for the greater good of the region is what makes this area special, and we will continue to highlight the region as a great place to live and work, now with the huge asset of universal fiber broadband."

The completion of the Alleghany Highlands project demonstrates the effectiveness of public/private partnerships to bring broadband to rural communities, helping close the digital divide. Lumos worked on the Alleghany Highlands initiative with the US Department of Agriculture's Rural Utilities Service initiative. Since completing the initiative, Lumos has continued investing in the community to bring universal fiber internet with a total investment of over $21 million. The completion of the fiber expansion marks a significant increase of over 12,000 fiber-capable addresses and the addition of more than 650 route miles of fiber within the Alleghany Highlands.




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