LUS Fiber Chooses G4S to Bring Fiber to Business Customers

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OMAHA, NE - LUS Fiber, the municipal fiber network in Lafayette, La., has picked systems integrator G4S Technology (formerly Adesta) to provide deployment and customer fulfilment services to business customers. Under this multiyear contract, G4S Technology will facilitate communications and entertainment services to businesses in the greater Lafayette metropolitan area.

LUS Fiber is Lafayette’s community-owned telecommunications system, providing video, Internet and phone services to residents and businesses over its 100 percent fiber network. The network buildout was completed in 2010.

“This 100 percent fiber optic network is the first municipal fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) system serving an entire community in Louisiana. We are happy to be a part of bringing these advanced services to Lafayette, and are honored to be assisting LUS Fiber with the betterment of communication, health care and education. This network will be paramount in helping these communities to increase efficiencies and will brighten their economic future,” says Bob Sommerfeld, president of G4S Technology.


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