LUS Fiber Offers 10 Gbps Residential Fiber Service in Lafayette, LA

  • LUS Fiber
LAFAYETTE, LA – LUS Fiber, a Lafayette-based community-owned ISP providing video, internet and phone service to residents and businesses over the city’s fiber optic network, announced that it is offering 10 Gbps to residential customers.

LUS Fiber began offering 1 Gbps service in 2012 and ramping that up to 2 Gbps service last year. When LUS Fiber served its first customer, the fastest internet speed available to residential customers was 50 Mbps. With today's announcement, LUS Fiber is now able to provide 200 times that speed to residences.

Responding to Work Needs at Home
Owner of local business N2 Solutions, Chad Hollier, will be LUS Fiber’s first customer to purchase this service. Already a loyal LUS Fiber customer, Hollier's company presently utilizes LUS Fiber for his business and is excited to use LUS Fiber's 10 Gig residential service. Having the speed to quickly access and respond to work needs at home is an attractive benefit of 10 Gbps Internet. Aside from utilizing his residential Internet for working, his family enjoys streaming movies, music and other entertainment.

"Ten Gbps will provide the very best Internet to manage my work and play. As a business owner, I need the capability to send and receive large files and video feeds remotely from home. The reliability and speed LUS Fiber offers is important to me and my family's quality of life. Having America’s fastest Internet will be a game changer for our daily lives," said Hollier.

"LUS Fiber's 10 Gbps is the fastest residential Internet service available – and at $295.95 per month, it is one of the lowest price points in the country."


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