Lyfe Announces Partnership with Inspire WiFi for MDU Services

  • Inspire WiFi
  • Lyfe Communications
SALT LAKE CITY - Lyfe Communications, Inc., a developer of media and communication services integrating TV, high-speed Internet and enhanced voice services through a single broadband connection across all connected devices, announced a partnership with wireless service provider, Inspire WiFi, to provide wireless services to MDU properties, bringing new customers and new revenues to the company. Inspire WiFi's wireless network capabilities enable Lyfe to provide a wireless extension to its existing wired service in a revenue share model. The combined Lyfe and Inspire WiFi solution will increase per property revenue by connecting more tenants.

Inspire WiFi is one of the largest MDU wireless service providers in the country with over 70,000 users in 27 states. The Inspire WiFi Residential Solution is an entirely turnkey broadband solution, delivering WiFi without the hassle of installing or supporting the network. They have also pioneered a custom marketing program, which helps communities promote their property to existing and prospective residents. Many Inspire WiFi customers see a significant increase in occupancy due to providing WiFi as a differentiator.


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