M1 Launches 10 Gbps Fiber Business Broadband Service

  • M1 Limited
SINGAPORE - M1 Limited (M1), a provider of mobile and fixed services to over 2 million customers, announced the launch of its 10 Gbps enterprise broadband service. The service, the fastest available on Singapore’s national fiber network, is designed to meet the needs of enterprises with high-bandwidth demands such as data centers, financial institutions, carriers or cloud service providers.

“A reliable high-speed broadband connection is critical in today’s highly-networked world, enabling enterprises to do real-time backup of important business data as well as for their business continuity and disaster recovery purposes. Our 10 Gbps service is designed to meet these demanding requirements, with dedicated bandwidth, technical support and service level agreements,” said Mr Willis Sim, director, product development and enterprises services, M1.

Small Enterprise Gigabit Service
Alongside Singapore’s fastest fiber service, M1 is also introducing a competitively-priced 1 Gbps service for SMEs. “M1’s 1 Gbps service will deliver a significant increase in access speed to our SME customers, at the same price as their legacy connectivity service,” said Mr Sim.

Both services are available immediately, nationwide. In addition to connectivity solutions, M1 offers an extensive suite of mobile and fixed enterprise services, managed services and data center services. M1 also offers enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions in areas such as storage, accounting and human resources.


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