MAC Offers First Chicago Apartments with Gigabit Speeds

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CHICAGO - MAC Property Management announced its new Shoreland luxury apartments will be the first rental apartments in Chicago to offer Internet speed up to 1 Gbps. MAC Property Management has partnered with American Wireless Broadband to replicate the Kansas City Google Fiber experience in Chicago.

Shoreland is a lakefront community in the Hyde Park neighborhood, home to the University of Chicago and the University of Chicago Medical Center. The first residents will move into Shoreland in September 2013.

MAC currently provides free high-speed Internet access in all of its 85 locations. "Our residents stream video of classroom lectures, upload entire seasons of their favorite TV shows, and use software stored in the cloud," said Greg Guttman, marketing director for MAC Property Management. "A fast Internet connection used to be an amenity, now it's a basic necessity."

"MAC Property Management partnered with Google to deliver Google Fiber to its residents in Kansas City. Immediately after announcing the service, our Kansas City properties started to receive calls from businesses looking to relocate to Kansas City," said Kansas City property manager Tori Ball. MAC Property Management called on American Wireless Broadband offer a similar fiber experience in Chicago. Shoreland's ability to offer the fastest residential Internet connection in Chicago will set this apartment building apart from other rentals in Chicago.


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