Magellan Develops Master Plan for Chesapeake's Next Gen Network (C-NGN)

  • Magellan Advisors

DENVER, CO — Magellan Advisors, a turnkey broadband development firm, will lead the development of Chesapeake’s Next Generation Network (C-NGN) Master Plan in an effort to provide world-class fiber connectivity to the City’s enterprises, its partners, and the greater Hampton Roads region. This network is envisioned to enhance municipal government, promote economic development, support education and create a catalyst for future private investment in broadband services.

Magellan Advisors will lead the strategic development of the network, supporting the City’s goals to expand fiber connectivity in Chesapeake using the C-NGN. “This network will expand high-speed fiber connectivity to city facilities, schools and libraries, while equipping Chesapeake with a platform to deploy smart city technologies and support future broadband applications in concert with private sector investment,” said City CIO, Scott Fairholm.

Needs Assessment: Current and Future

Magellan Advisors will initially conduct a thorough needs assessment with the City to determine the current and future fiber connectivity needs of public organizations in Chesapeake. From this needs assessment, Magellan Advisors will develop a strategic master plan for deployment of fiber infrastructure based on the City of Chesapeake and stakeholder priorities.

Interconnecting Multiple Community Facilities

Magellan will work with the City to design the C-NGN fiber network to interconnect as many community facilities as possible while passing key economic development areas with backbone fiber connectivity. The C-NGN will also play a core role in the greater Hampton Roads Regional Network initiative, ensuring Chesapeake’s access to the substantial next generation infrastructure investments taking place throughout the region. Magellan Advisors’ fiber engineering team will provide comprehensive high-level design and cost estimates for the fiber network and advise the City on the most achievable approach for construction of the network to meet City objectives.

Planning, Building and Managing the C-NGN Fiber Network

Magellan Advisors’ development process will also include all aspects of planning, building and managing the C-NGN fiber network, ensuring the City of Chesapeake has the greatest opportunity to serve community needs. It will include the development of governance strategies for ownership of the fiber network, operational strategies to support ongoing management and regulatory assessment of the City’s requirements to build the fiber network in compliance with federal, state and local statutes. This process will enable the City of Chesapeake to plan its resources to manage the C-NGN fiber network in the most effective and efficient manner.

“This City has always prided itself on being at the forefront of both technology and opportunity, for our business community, our schools, and our residents,” said Chesapeake Mayor, Rick West. “The deployment of fiber throughout the City will open doors and offer benefits that we have only begun to fathom. It is critical that we approach this project with a strategic mindset, and that’s why we’re so please to have Magellan Advisors on our team. They, along with our regional partners in Hampton Roads, will help us all take a giant leap into the future.”


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