Magellan to Conduct a Broadband Feasibility Study for Loveland, Colorado

  • Magellan Advisors
DENVER, CO — Magellan Advisors has been retained by the City of Loveland to conduct a comprehensive broadband feasibility study for the city. Magellan’s study will enable the city to make informed decisions on the various ways that broadband may expand in Loveland for residents, businesses and community organizations.

The feasibility study will focus on assessing the broadband needs of the Loveland region, including a range of stakeholders including public, private and non-profit. Magellan will develop a “State of Broadband” report that gives Loveland a deep understanding of Loveland’s broadband environment and how the city is currently served.

Magellan will also conduct an assessment of the city’s underground and aerial infrastructure to determine usability for future broadband and municipal fiber projects. Magellan’s consultants will identify opportunities to leverage existing city infrastructure and potential new investments to expand access under a range of business models for the city’s consideration. Magellan will develop comprehensive financial models accompanied by real-world business strategies that will inform Loveland on reasonable options to expand local broadband.

About Magellan Advisors
Magellan Advisors provides comprehensive broadband planning and telecom consulting services to public and private sector organizations worldwide. Magellan’s extensive portfolio of offerings can be tailored to meet each client’s unique situation and goals from a basic needs assessment to a complete implementation plan-to-fulfillment you can count on Magellan to be there each step of the way. Magellan has grown to more than 250 public and private sector clients, supported over $1 billion of new broadband investments and managed deployment of new broadband networks in over 50 cities in the US.



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