Magellan to do Fiber Feasibility Study for Johnson City Power Board in Tennessee

  • Magellan Advisors
DENVER, CO — The Johnson City Power Board in Johnson City, Tennessee, has engaged Magellan Advisors, a broadband and smart city consulting firm, to assist the Utility in developing a Fiber and Wireless to the Premise (FTTP) Feasibility Study. Magellan’s Tennessee team of senior consultants are leading the efforts to assist the Utility in evaluating the feasibility of leveraging their assets to develop a fiber-optic and wireless network throughout the JCPB service area for internal, business and residential benefits.

Johnson City Power Board understands the benefits its current fiber-optic backbone could provide for the areas businesses and residents. They want to determine how they can assist in enhancing access to broadband throughout their territory, while enhancing their abilities for smart grid and improved internal services. JCPB will work with Magellan’s team to determine the area’s needs, analyze the current network and determine how that network could assist in filling service gaps. Magellan and JCPB will also use Magellan’s highly regarded financial models to analyze business models, opportunities, and costs of a proposed network. JCPB will have a full detailed study with actionable strategies that will allow them to make an informed decision on what steps they can take to enhance broadband in Johnson City and Washington County.

Magellan maintains a regionally focused team of senior consultants throughout Tennessee to assist JCPB in analyzing the feasibility of FTTP for the Utility. Magellan’s team will be led by Kyle Hollifield, Magellan’s senior VP who has worked with dozens of utilities and municipalities throughout the state, and is highly knowledgeable on the regulatory requirements, and the unique needs of the states highly rural population. Magellan estimates the study will be completed in approximately 90 days.


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