MagnaCom Demonstrates a 20-Year Leap in Digital Communications

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LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA – MagnaCom, a privately held company with a mission to reinvent digital communications, announced it has developed and will demonstrate at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, January 7-10, a new and patented modulation technology called WAM (WAve Modulation). It claims that the vastly superior performance of WAM will help alleviate the global spectrum congestion and help satisfy the explosive demand for bandwidth.

MagnaCom has invented a new revolutionary technology, which can save spectrum and power, while increasing bandwidth, speed and distance, for state-of-the-art wired and wireless devices. WAM delivers those benefits while maintaining 100 percent backward compatibility with the legacy devices in use today. Demonstrating a dramatic 10dB system gain improvement, is considered equivalent to a 20-year leap in digital communications, and is achieved without making any modifications to the RF, antennas, or analog front end.

MagnaCom is challenging the 40-year dominance of QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) as the modulation of choice for all advanced communications systems. QAM is used in virtually all wired and wireless products today, and deployed in over seven billion connected devices. MagnaCom’s WAM technology modulates information differently, resulting in a major system gain benefit (e.g. up to 10dB vs. QAM4096). The technology’s disruptive capability may become critical for any wireless and wired carrier, wireless or wired communication OEM, and ultimately any handset manufacturer. WAM technology impacts cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite and cable TV, wireless backhaul, cable and DSL modems, fiber infrastructure and numerous other applications.

“MagnaCom’s new invention of WAM technology is a multi-decade leap forward compared to best-of-breed today, and can ignite the next true revolution in digital communications,” said Yossi Cohen, co-founder and CEO of MagnaCom. “In shattering several industry axioms and demonstrating a 10dB advantage, MagnaCom offers extreme benefits - from slashing up to 50 percent of power and spectrum, to quadrupling distance, enhancing speed and improving call quality. We are making the once thought impossible now possible, and this can really change the industry.”

MagnaCom’s WAM technology will be demonstrated live at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, and available to early access partners immediately.

Technical Information
A MagnaCom patent and trademark, WAM technology can enhance virtually all wired and wireless applications, and most importantly - is backward compatible to legacy QAM systems, while not requiring any changes to the antennas, radio or RF. The technology is a pure digital modulation scheme, which uses the exact same analog and RF circuits as QAM, requiring no analog or mixed-signal re-design. WAM technology is scalable, and may consume less than 1 square millimeter in modern semiconductor design for even the full 10dB benefit. Scalability means designers may implement a smaller, lower cost solution for a lesser benefit.

WAM technology is a pure digital new modulation scheme, using spectral compression that improves spectral efficiency. The spectral compression enables an increase of the signaling rate thereby affording the use of lower order alphabet, which reduces complexity. It provides inherent diversity of time and frequency domains and uses nonlinear signal shaping. The nonlinearities are handled digitally at the receiver side, allowing a lower-cost and lower-power transmitter design.

Technology Highlights
WAM is a multi-dimensional signal construction operating at the Euclidean domain. WAM is breaking the orthogonality of signal construction (zero ISI in single carrier / zero ICI in OFDM) shown for the first time, to increase capacity and provide an optimal handling of nonlinear distortion, ultimately resulting in significant improvements versus todays’ legacy QAM systems, including:

  • Up to 10dB system gain advantage

  • Up to 50 percent lower power

  • Up to 400 percent the distance

  • Up to 50 percent spectrum savings

  • Better noise tolerance

  • Major increase in speed

  • Lower cost and easier design

  • 100 percent backward compatible

“Bandwidth demand will continue accelerating over the coming years with the ramp of 4G/LTE mobile broadband, 4K video, and the growth of the Internet of Things," said Michael J. Palma, research manager, IDC’s Semiconductor and Enabling Research Group. "The WAM technology is being positioned to infrastructure providers to significantly increase their channel capacity to meet this increasing demand.”

In parallel to inventing and developing this breakthrough technology, MagnaCom has invested significantly in protecting its Intellectual Property (IP). The company formed a strategic relationship with one of the world’s premiere IP firms, McAndrews, Held & Malloy Ltd. and has already filed over 70 patent applications globally. MagnaCom has already been granted 15 first utility United States patents with over 320 underlying claims.


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