Marne Elk Horn Telephone Uses ADTRAN for FTTH in Rural Iowa

  • Marne Elk Horn Telephone
HUNTSVILLE, AL - Marne Elk Horn Telephone, which services southwest Iowa, is using the Total Access broadband platform from ADTRAN, a provider of next-generation networking solutions, to underpin a network-wide upgrade of its last mile service offerings for local schools, residential subscribers and business customers in Southern Iowa. With the extensive bandwidth provided by the Total Access 5000, Marne Elk Horn is delivering FTTH services capable of supporting a range of in-demand services such as IPTV, high-speed internet and high-definition video. Marne Elk Horn Telephone is now able to profitably provide next generation services and make a difference in their local community.

A key benefactor of the new speed is the local school districts, which now have access to the high-speed, ultra broadband service needed to implement a 1:1 student laptop program, as well as enhance in-class learning opportunities with the availability of IPTV in every classroom.

“Our students have been able to gain a deeper understanding of concepts by use of video and other technologies we previously did not have. The teachers are able to give students a broader view of the world by integrating current events into the lessons through IPTV and DVR capability,” said Dean Schnoes, superintendent, Exira-EHK Community Schools. “The technology provided by Marne Elk Horn Telephone and ADTRAN helps us give students a high-level education that enhances our teaching opportunity both in the classroom and at home with our 1:1 laptop initiative, where each student has independent access to a computer and Internet resources.”


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