Marvell's Provides FTTH-Class Gigabit Broadband Services

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BARCELONA and SANTA CLARA, CA - Marvell, a provider of integrated silicon solutions, unveiled a technology as an extension of Marvell's HomeGrid Forum-certified family of chipsets to provide FTTH-class Gigabit broadband access to multi-dwelling unit (MDU) buildings over existing phone wiring.

Since the debut of silicon in 2011, Marvell has successfully conducted several service provider trials for optimizing the performance of the connected smart home. The Marvell solution is an extension of networking technology for the broadband access and enlarges the scope of the ITU-T to meet the market requirements.

Gigabit Speeds over Existing Copper Networks

Based on time division duplexing (TDD) architecture and increased spectrum up to 100 MHz OFDM, Marvell is technology applied for wireline broadband access networks, as an upgrade to VDSL2. Enabling connectivity at up to 1 Gbps PHY rate over existing copper wiring and much higher data rate (over 500 Mbps) than legacy VDSL systems (only 100 Mbps), is poised to take on the leadership of the broadband access services for the last mile.

Expected to allow for lower cost roll-out and easier deployment than FTTH, Marvell is already being trialed in Asia by telcos looking to provide the most powerful access services to their users at competitive price and still be able to reuse their most valuable asset, the existing copper infrastructure. Pioneering the solution, Marvell reinforces its commitment to the broadband access market evolution and to service providers' requirements of supporting future-proof bandwidth intensive applications such UHD 4K video streaming. Key Features

  • MIMO for 2-channel bonding to increase reach and provide extra protection against noise

  • Configurable uplink/downlink ratio (symmetric and asymmetric)

  • Advanced FEC (Forward Error Correction) mechanism

  • Automatic retransmission to ensure zero packet loss

  • Advanced NDIM technology for interference mitigation in MDUs with high density of users

  • Automatic mitigation of Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT) between copper wires in a bundle is using Marvell chipset that includes the Marvell 88LX3142 digital baseband processor and the Marvell 88LX2718 analog front.

AVANTA LP System-on-Chip (SoC) Family
Marvell is complementing Marvell's leadership in the FTTH space with its recently announced Marvell AVANTA LP System-on-Chip (SoC) family, based on ARM Cortex-A9 architecture and meeting the latest requirements for modern, high-speed Internet networks. The AVANTA LP product line addresses the fast-growing demand for optical network terminals (ONT) by presenting a highly integrated and power-efficient solution to expand the successful AVANTA family of Universal Passive Optical Networks (UPON) processors for FTTX broadband applications. Marvell customers are already targeting to combine the AVANTA platform with the platform to extend the broadband access from the fiber cabinet to users' homes, by taking advantage of the existing wiring for the last mile.


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