MaxxSouth Launches FTTH 1 Gig Service in Oxford, Miss.

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OXFORD, MS — MaxxSouth Broadband announced the deployment of an advanced fiber-to-the-home 1 Gigabit Internet service for its customers in Oxford, Mississippi. Government officials and community leaders, including U.S Senator Roger Wicker, State Representative Jim Beckett and Lafayette County Board Supervisor Kevin Frye, joined MaxxSouth Broadband's corporate officers to speak on the impact of these services in the Oxford community at a press event.

"We think this is going to mean a better quality of life and also a better way to create jobs," said U.S. Senator Roger Wicker. "Not only for the big companies, which we all love, but the small startups. They need this type of fiber and today we're announcing a great opportunity. We're glad to be part of this, we want to be part of the team going forward."

Mississippi's Third MaxxSouth City
Oxford marks the third city in Mississippi where MaxxSouth operates as an optic-fiber network. In 2015, FTTH was launched in Starkville; in 2014, an optic-fiber network was launched in Carthage — a first for Leake County. "As I campaigned last year, one of the things that repeatedly came up was Internet," Frye said. "What we know and what we all recognize is the significant positive impact that can come from economic development and education having access to this high-speed Internet."

Fiber optics uses state-of-the-art light signals over thin waves of glass to transmit data all the way to a home or business. It replaces outdated copper infrastructure like telephone wires and coaxial cables for a more robust connection. "A fiber-to-the-home connection will allow for speeds in the Oxford area that are 20 times faster than the average speed of connection in the United States," explained MaxxSouth Broadband Regional Manager Rick Ferrall.

The initial phase of the project will service approximately 3,000 homes; expected completion is early 2017. Over the next few years, MaxxSouth plans to build out fiber-to-the-home service areas throughout Lafayette County completely.


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