MBC, WISPA to Host Multifamily Track at WISPAPALOOZA 2018

  • Multifamily Broadband Council (MBC)
  • Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA)
LOS ANGELES — Multifamily Broadband Council (MBC), an association serving broadband vendors, ISPs and property owners in the deployment of competitive broadband video and IP services at MDU communities, announced a partnership with the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA) to host a dedicated multifamily track on October 10, 2018 at the upcoming WISPAPALOOZA 2018 at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

WISPA, MBC Synergies
WISPA and MBC started conversations last year about the synergies between their two organizations. As trade organizations, both WISPA and MBC represent their members in front of the FCC, ensuring that smaller business owners and independent providers have a voice in DC when important policy issues are being decided. Both organizations also provide resources to their membership that allow those in their respective industries to work together more effectively, network, stay informed and learn.

WISPA has hosted its WISPAPALOOZA conference for the past six years, promoting the development, advancement and unification of the wireless Internet service provider industry, serving both residential and business customers, including rural areas.

Multifamily Broadband Council has also hosted its MBC Conference for the past six years (including four years as its previous long-standing entity, IMCC), helping non-franchise providers enhance their broadband technologies knowledge and systems to better serve their specialized multifamily clients.

WISPA Members Exploring MDU Space
"As we explored how we might align, we saw some distinct areas of potential overlap. We realized that WISPA members had a desire to learn more about working within the MDU environment. As the experts representing non-franchise providers working with multifamily clients, we realized we had a unique perspective to offer interested WISPA members and potential MBC members," stated Dan Terheggen, president of the board of directors for MBC. "Our members have already been in their shoes, and we can help cut their learning curve. We have the relationships within the multifamily market, along with best practices that help ensure smart approaches to securing business in the MDU space."

Chuck Hogg, WISPA's chairman of the board, added, "The majority of WISPA members, except some serving exclusively rural markets, have some sort of competition with large cable companies and telcos, similar to MBC members. Currently there are only a small percentage of members that are installing satellite or delivering OTT solutions. There is definitely some interest among our members about cracking into the video side of things, and the multifamily environment is a very appealing market."

New president & CEO for WISPA, Claude Aiken, stated, "We are excited about having a Multifamily track for our members to understand the multifamily market, and discover potential business opportunities there."

"We want the event to be useful to the WISPA members who are just learning about the MDU space – helping them understand who the players are, what types of companies are being served, and why you can or can't get into different properties. We also want to serve our MBC members, and we will be covering the latest technology, regulations and business needs in the more advanced sessions," Terheggen said.

Sponsorships for the WISPAPALOOZA Multifamily Conference, hosted by Multifamily Broadband Council, will be separate from the WISPAPALOOZA main sponsorships, and these sponsors will be handled directly by MBC. Multifamily Conference sponsors will be dedicated specifically to the MBC education track and location, so those vendors may have dedicated time with their current customers and new players can recognize which vendors serve the MDU market.

"We will also host a small networking session at the end of our day prior to the opening of the WISPAPALOOZA trade show floor, so attendees can get to know those companies that can help them grow their business," Sargent concluded.


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