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MEDINA COUNTY, OH — Neighborly’s Broadband Group announced the launch of Medina County Fiber, a new open access broadband network bringing fiber internet to every home in Seville, Guilford Township, and Westfield Center in Medina County, Ohio. The project was designed for communities that have long suffered from slow, expensive, or nonexistent internet service.

Neighborly, a venture-backed technology company that connects communities with capital for public infrastructure projects, is financing the network and will oversee engineering and construction in partnership with leading firms. Construction will begin this summer and the first residents will have service in autumn. The fiber will be placed underground and overhead on utility poles, according to a construction plan designed to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency. Within five years, the network will extend to every home in Medina County.

“Fiber broadband networks are the most important underpinning for every future-ready community, “ said Brian Snider, president of Neighborly’s Broadband Group. “We know affordable and accessible high-speed internet is the key to better educational outcomes, greater economic opportunity and output, and the foundation for all next-generation infrastructure—including 5G technology. We’re so excited to be here in Medina County, connecting people and communities to their future.”

In a clear break from the status quo where incumbent internet service providers (ISPs) own the infrastructure and are the only choice of provider on the closed network—Medina County Fiber is an open access network. In this model, multiple services and service providers can operate on the shared network and residents can choose services from varying providers, according to their needs and budget. With Medina County Fiber, fiber internet connections start at $49.95 per month on a month-to-month contract. Residents can express their interest in joining this new network at

From the Middle-Mile Ring to the Home
Positioned midway between Cleveland and Akron, Medina County has a middle-mile fiber ring which serves businesses with fiber internet. The new network will be built out from this middle mile ring to every home, in what is known as a fiber-to-the-home or last mile connection. Fiber networks, which are replacing copper and coaxial cable, transmit data at near the speed of light, translating to faster load times, smoother streaming, and reduced buffering. Fiber networks also provide symmetrical internet speeds: the same speed for download and upload.

Fiber connectivity is also critical for starting and running a successful business in this digital economy. According to Bethany Dentler, executive director, Medina County Economic Development Corporation, the County has seen 1,003 new jobs and $343,689,375 in capital investment since the middle mile Medina County Fiber Network was completed in 2013. “What do these numbers mean? Nearly half of the total payroll created, half of the capital investment, half of the square footage, and nearly three-quarters of the jobs retained are a direct result of our deploying fiber optic broadband,” she said. “The availability of a fiber connection has positioned Medina County for the future.”

David Corrado, CEO, Medina County Fiber Network noted that “Medina needs modern infrastructure in order to compete in the fast-moving global economy. We know that our fiber network has benefited our commercial and industrial sectors and is responsible for attracting and growing business in Medina County. Until now, we had not found the right partner to serve our residents. This is a great day for Medina County.”

Open Access Means Greater Consumer Choice and Lower Prices
“The open access model encourages healthy competition between service providers, so we must fight for customers based on better prices and better service,” said Kelly Ryan, CEO, iFiber Communications, and the founding internet service provider on Medina County Fiber. “Once incumbents get wind of what we’re doing here, they will hasten to offer sweetheart deals: lowering their prices and locking customers into a two-year contract. The problem is that customers will get the same slow service on old cables. iFiber provides fiber speeds and reliability, with a month-to-month contract.”

iFiber will provide 100/100 Mbps for $49.95 per month; 500/500 Mbps for $79.95 per month; and gigabit speed internet (1000/1000 Mbps) for $149.95 per month. At present, the average residential internet connection speed in Medina County is 29.5 Mbps.

Telehealth Services
In addition to internet, television, and voice services, telehealth services will also be available to residents through Medina County Fiber. Docity will provide this service and is the first and only telemedicine company that partners directly with communities and Internet service providers so that anyone can have access to high-quality medical services.



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