Melita Italia Launches New Fiber Services with Plume and Open Fiber


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MILAN  — Melita Italia, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Malta-based telecoms and internet services operator Melita, announced the availability of Diamond FibraThis internet-only product includes 1000 Mbps, gigabit internet delivered through Italy's Open Fiber FTTH network and smart home services bundle from Plume, a provider of cloud-based technology and artificial intelligence to deliver a smart home services bundle featuring Adaptive WiFi, HomePass and AI Security. This new service bundle combines the speed of fiber internet access, with the reliability, control and security of Plume, to deliver a powerful and intelligent solution for the smart home. Diamond Fibra will initially be available to consumers in eight cities across Italy: MilanTurin, Monza, Florence, Naples, Bari, Palermo and Catania.

Harald Roesch, CEO of Melita Limited said, "Led by Ricardo Ruggiero, the launch of Melita Italia and Diamond Fibra blends our internet experience and customer focus with super-fast internet from the Open Fiber network and Plume's intelligent smart home services to deliver a new level of service to Italian consumers. By delivering the fastest, most reliable and most secure internet experience on any device, Diamond Fibra is a perfect starting point for Melita Italia's growth journey."

Plume co-founder and CEO Fahri Diner, said, "Melita has just created a modern triple-play offering – unified and managed connectivity over fast fiber and reliable whole-home Wi-Fi, personalized parental controls and guest access, and tightly secured and protected devices. As Melita raises the bar in Italy with an unprecedented service bundle and customer experience, Plume is honored to be partnering with such a pioneer."



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