MNSi Telecom Bringing Fiber To LaSalle, Ontario

  • MNSi Telecom
LASALLE, ONTARIO, CANADA — MNSi Telecom is bringing their all-fiber broadband network to LaSalle, Ontario. MNSi’s fiber roll-out is the company’s single largest infrastructure buildout since being founded in 1995 and provides customers with a direct link to the fibre source. This advanced network brings fiber optic technology directly to homes and business. The roll out will take two years to complete and when finished means that nearly 10,000 homes will qualify for MNSi’s fiber lines.

“LaSalle has waited a long time for faster speeds and better prices and we’re extremely excited to offer residents a local alternative to the big telecom companies,” says Clayton Zekelman, owner of MNSi Telecom. “Our engineering team has worked hard for the past two years on the plans to deploy fiber across LaSalle and we’re excited to bring fiber technology to the town.”

MNSi Telecom currently has plans to deploy fiber to homes circling from Todd Lane and Sprucewood Avenue to the north, the 401 to the east, Front Avenue to the west, and Jewel Street to the south. The work is expected to take about two years to complete, but some construction has already started around Sandwich Parkway and Highway 3. Rushwood Crescent, the first area to be activated, was completed in January 2019.


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