MobiTV Adds User Profiles and Ad Integration to True TV Everywhere

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LAS VEGAS - MobiTV, a provider of live and on-demand video to any screen, announced new enhancements to its end-to-end media platform for operators and service providers. MobiTV’s user profiles provide personalized recommendations that take into account a consumer’s location and current device. The company’s unique advertising integration capabilities also enable greater contextual and second screen interactions in multi-user environments, thus generating additional revenue for service providers.

“The traditional home viewing experience is changing, necessitating a new approach to distributing live and on-demand content,” said Charlie Nooney, chairman and CEO at MobiTV. “By offering the ability to customize, configure and manage multiple users and devices within a single account, we are simplifying the process to intelligently recognize shared versus individual viewing experiences. This innovative approach also thus enables the most appropriate content and ad interactions to be delivered to the right user on the right device, in the most bandwidth-optimized manner.”

MobiTV’s unique approach to user profiles removes the complexity of delivering content in the home to multiple users on shared and individual screens. For example, a consumer arrives home and is halfway through watching a movie on a tablet. MobiTV’s user profiles identify when that consumer is home and makes the recommendation to change to the TV as the main viewing device, subsequently switching the tablet into companion mode to allow for a custom viewing experience with personalized second screen interaction.

Optizing Advertising for Second Screens
Further tapping into this vision of more personalized viewing experiences, MobiTV is addressing the growing market demand to optimize advertising for second screens. This new capability that can be integrated per customer’s needs and interests, will offer contextual ad integration that yields higher engagement than traditional Cost Per Mille (CPM) models, where advertisers pay per thousand impressions. MobiTV’s new offering enables service providers to send targeted ads to individual users on their personal devices without interrupting the viewing experience on a shared screen. This way, if two people are watching the same TV show at home, targeted ads can be delivered on each user’s companion smartphone or tablet but tailored toward their specific interests.


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