Momentum and GLDS Team Up for BSS/OSS Integration

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CLEARWATER, FL -- A new integrated billing/OSS solution from Momentum, a provider of private-label digital voice services and broadband management, and Great Lakes Data Systems (GLDS) lets operators manage services from a single point-of-entry interface. The solution manages everything from order entry to service updates including adding, suspending, restoring and disconnecting modems.

This integration, which aims to eliminate the need for disparate systems, allows operators to manage all their services directly from the WinCable subscriber management and billing system, without requiring duplicate or triplicate data entry in multiple systems. This reduces human error and support time. The solution includes software to provision and manage services related to cable modem and voice deployments.

“This is a departure from the ‘swivel chair’ solutions of the past; we require the solutions we use for billing, OSS and voice to be managed and supported from a single interface," says Bill Copeland of Community Communications. “After evaluating several vendors, we decided that Momentum and GLDS were the perfect solution for Community Communications not only because of their broad functionality and integration, but because they provide a flexible and cost-effective solution that met our needs to minimize operational costs and ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction.”


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