More Than 500 Operational or Planned Gigabit Deployments Underway Globally

  • Gigabit Monitor
  • Viavi Solutions
MILPITAS, CA — Communications service providers worldwide are accelerating efforts to deliver gigabit Internet, according to data from the newly-released Gigabit Monitor, a visual database from Viavi Solutions referencing current and planned gigabit deployments around the world. The Gigabit Monitor paints a picture of mobile, cable and telecom service providers all racing to deliver lightning-fast Internet connectivity to meet end users’ demands. Viavi Solutions is a global provider of network test, monitoring and assurance solutions to communications service providers, enterprises and their ecosystems.

The database, developed completely from public information, is available at:

Below are some of the key insights from the Gigabit Monitor:

  • State of gigabit: There are now at least 350 live gigabit deployments globally, with a further 164 announced or under construction, across wireline and wireless technologies including GPON, DOCSIS 3.1,, LTE-A, 5G and 802.11ac.

  • Contrasts by region: North America has the largest share of announced gigabit deployments, with 61 percent. Europe is second with 24 percent. Asia, Australasia, Middle East, Africa and South America share the remaining 15 percent of deployments.

  • Deployments accelerate: The pace of gigabit deployments has accelerated sharply. Over 70 percent of the live gigabit deployments tracked have been launched since the start of 2015.

  • Fiber dominates: 85 percent of currently known gigabit deployments are based on optical fiber connectivity. 11 percent are based on Hybrid-fiber coax (HFC), a broadband technology that combines optical fiber and coaxial cable, commonly employed by cable providers.
    Wireless gigabit is already here: Nearly 3 percent of known gigabit deployments are based on LTE-A, a modified version of LTE which is gigabit-capable.

  • 5G is coming fast: 37 wireless carriers have announced plans for 5G networks. Five of them plan to have 5G networks built as early as 2017.

The Gigabit Monitor is a web-based tool intended to showcase a whole world of gigabit internet and zoom in for detail on announced and available services. The data can be split by geography or technology. The database also shows whether a service is Announced (service provider has publicly announced deployment plans in a given market), Under Construction (network build is underway), Trial (a limited live network is in operation) or Commercial (service is currently available to consumers). The Gigabit Monitor is a living database to be updated regularly, and users are welcome to submit new or corrected information via a form on the site.

“The gigabit revolution is in full swing and faster speeds can’t come soon enough to feed an insatiable appetite for bandwidth,” said Sameh Yamany, chief technology officer, Viavi Solutions. “There are more than 20 billion connected devices and that number is continually increasing. For the consumer, there are obvious benefits. For society as a whole, research also shows that widely available broadband can be a driver for growth and jobs. And with a 100-fold increase in speed, service providers will need to ensure that their ecosystems are ready for the massive network evolution required to deliver the customer experience they envision.”


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