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PETALUMA, CA — Mosaic Telecom, a local exchange carrier (LEC) serving northwestern Wisconsin, has deployed Calix Marketing Cloud to leverage subscriber data to tailor its offerings to meet subscriber needs across an economically diverse service area. With the Calix Support Cloud, the Mosaic team can also ensure that every subscriber receives a consistent, high-quality experience through its Calix GigaCenter powered Managed Wi-Fi service.

Identifying Upsell Opportunities
Calix Marketing Cloud enables the Mosaic marketing team to analyze subscriber behavioral and network data to identify upsell opportunities throughout their subscriber population. Armed with this insight, the team has launched a targeted campaign that is driving an 80 percent take rate for new, higher bandwidth services. This data-driven approach ensures that Mosaic can maximize the return on its investments while increasing subscriber satisfaction and loyalty.

Calix Self-Heal Capabilities
Mosaic is utilizing the new Self-Heal capabilities of Calix Support Cloud to proactively identify and address Wi-Fi performance issues. Thanks to Self-Heal many issues are now fixed before subscribers even notice a problem. The Mosaic customer service team is also using Calix Support Cloud to analyze network health and remotely troubleshoot issues reported by their subscribers. By streamlining workflows and dramatically reducing support call times, Calix Support Cloud has helped team members shift their focus to deploying new services and onboarding new subscribers.

“Even with a diverse serving area that ranges from seasonal lake homes to economically disadvantaged communities, Mosaic can ensure that all of our subscribers access the highest quality broadband services available,” said Scott Behn, CEO of Mosaic Telecom. “Thanks to Calix Cloud, we have a better understanding of our subscriber’s behaviors and needs. As a result, we can continuously improve our subscriber interactions and deepen our relationships. Whether it’s through incremental network investments, the introduction of a new and personalized service, or the delivery of faster and more effective support, each engagement we have with a subscriber provides an opportunity to exceed their expectations and deliver an unmatched customer experience.”

The Mosaic team is building on the initial success of its targeted campaigns to introduce new services. For instance, many seasonal homeowners disconnect their broadband service for part of the year. Mosaic plans to leverage Calix Cloud to identify seasonal residents who may want to monitor connected smart home devices in their seasonal homes year-round.

"As Calix Cloud becomes an increasingly indispensable part of our customers' success, we are delighted to see the benefits that the platform brings to our customers and the communities they serve," said Skip Hirvela, Calix vice president of sales. “As our customers introduce innovative new services that are tailored to specific subscriber needs, they improve the value proposition of our entire industry. Many service providers deal with seasonal population changes and other variations across their serving areas. Calix Cloud enables them to mine behavioral data to understand subscribers’ needs and grow their businesses throughout the year.”


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