Motorola Announces Hosted SDV for Smaller Service Providers

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BALTIMORE, MD – Switched digital video (SDV), a technology that helps cable operators conserve video bandwidth, has been out of reach for smaller operators because of its cost. Today, Motorola introduced a hosted solution that it hopes will make SDV more available to these operators by enabling them to achieve the same bandwidth efficiencies as their larger MSO counterparts that have onsite SDV operations.

Hosted SDV enables operators to make niche channel content available to their subscribers without committing dedicated bandwidth to those channels. It enables operators to effectively turn off seldom-watched channels until they are demanded by a subscriber. When a request for a switched channel occurs, the SDV system turns the channel back on again, responding to the set-top box with the tuning details. This process occurs in a fraction of a second as a consumer changes channels, and the subscriber viewing experience is not noticeably affected. However, bandwidth reclamation levels are substantial enough to facilitate the launch of advanced revenue-generating services such as high-definition television, video on demand, 3DTV and interactive TV applications.


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