Mountain Rural Telephone Coop Achieves a 56% Take Rate with Calix Marketing Cloud

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SAN JOSE, CA — Mountain Rural Telephone Cooperative (MRTC) leveraged the insights provided by Calix Marketing Cloud to refine their marketing campaigns for upgrading service offerings, delivering a 56 percent campaign take rate. Mountain Telephone has been working with Calix to gain insights into service issues individual subscribers face. Moving to Calix Marketing Cloud has expanded the rural operator’s use of analytics to include larger cross sections of their subscriber base, greatly extending the capabilities of the co-op’s small marketing team.

Upgrade Campaign Garners 56 Percent Take Rate
Mountain Telephone’s first campaign with Calix Marketing Cloud revealed that despite their charter to provide reliable, quality broadband to the communities they serve, a number of subscribers were peaking beyond their current service tier and, therefore, becoming frustrated by their experience. Despite MRTC’s significant investment in fiber technology with Calix Active Ethernet, many of their customers were still subscribed to legacy service tiers. With Calix Marketing Cloud, the co-op was able to determine which subscribers were on legacy tiers and hitting their service limits. An upgrade campaign targeting these customers garnered a 56 percent take rate. Just as important is the enhanced experience these subscribers are now seeing as overall service limit hits have decreased by 54 percent. They are now planning their next marketing campaign, targeting another wave of customers who are hitting their service limits.

Leveraging Visibility into Subscriber Usage
“Calix Marketing Cloud has been instrumental in giving us the visibility into subscriber usage we need to live up to our mission of providing a top quality experience to our subscribers,” said Shayne Ison, general manager of Mountain Rural Telephone Cooperative. “The ability to see which of them are having issues enables us to help them choose the broadband plan that will meet their connectivity needs and not leave them frustrated by inadequate service.”

Founded in 1950, Mountain Rural Telephone Cooperative is a member-owned co-op which provides communications technology to residents and businesses in four counties in eastern Kentucky and offers extended calling service to 10 additional counties. The co-op provides fiber broadband to approximately 9,400 subscribers.


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