MTS Deploys FiON in Dauphin, Manitoba

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WINNIPEG, CANADA - Canadian telco MTS deployed its fiber optic network, FiON, in the city of Dauphin, Manitoba, and launched its MTS Ultimate TV service there as well. The Ultimate TV service delivers more than 55 HD channels and a whole-home PVR service that can record and play back TV programs on any connected TV in the home, as well as many other innovative features.

"We are excited to offer our high-definition MTS Ultimate TV service in Dauphin, one of the first of a growing number of communities in Manitoba where MTS is deploying fiber-to-the-home technology," says Kelvin Shepherd, president of MTS. "FiON is one of the most advanced fiber optic network technologies in Canada, and Dauphin is one of the first communities to benefit from the industry-leading services it enables us to provide."

FiON supplies a huge amount of bandwidth to MTS customers' homes, providing support for telephone and high-speed Internet services while laying the groundwork for delivering new services, such as Ultimate TV.

"Technology is a key building block for growth in a community, and the launch of MTS's new fiber optic network in Dauphin is a major asset for us," says Eric Irwin, mayor of Dauphin. "I would like to thank MTS for their significant investment, which will contribute to our city's ongoing economic development. I'm also personally excited for the entertainment benefits FiON brings, such as Ultimate TV."

The launch of FiON in Dauphin is part of MTS's announcement last year to invest $125 million in the expansion of its fiber-to-the-home network over five years. By the end of 2015, MTS expects to deploy fiber to about 120,000 homes in more than 20 Manitoba communities.


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