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SAN JOSE, CA — NanoTech Entertainment, a technology company that focuses on 4K media procurement, production, processing and delivery, announced that it has released significant updates to its UltraFlix network. The updates include availability today for all 4K North American Samsung, Vizio, and 2015 Sony Ultra HD Smart TV’s models, offering customers access to the free UltraFlix 4K Streaming Network App. Global UHD TV shipments will increase from 25M this year to 67M units by 2017 and 100M units by 2018 according to a recent report by Digital Research, effectively positioning UltraFlix as the market leader in next generation content.

NanoTech has also recently expanded its channel offerings, adding several hundred new Hollywood movies and award winning TV series in the past two months, many of which are exclusive in 4K to UltraFlix, including the just released “Terminator Genisys.” New users signing up for UltraFlix will be rewarded with a $10 gift card from upcoming promotions with approved TV partners in time for Black Friday.

Building a 4K Library
Nanotech has been building its 4K library for nearly two years now. With a combination of native 4K digital titles, 4K film scanning, patent pending super-resolution high-quality scaling techniques and a dedicated team of video artists, UltraFlix has successfully amassed a vast selection of Hollywood hits from major studios including Paramount, MGM and Warner Brothers, plus award winning documentaries made for IMAX theatres, hot new TV series from A&E Networks and stunning time-lapse motion art from top independent producers from around the globe. The company is currently processing an additional 250 titles which are scheduled to be added to UltraFlix this year.

Award winning 4K delivery technology along with world class remastering and encoding talent from 4K Studios enable UltraFlix customers to view the best version of any movie on the network, available from any source. “By combining our proprietary video processing technology with the best movies and programs that Hollywood has to offer, the UltraFlix 4K experience is superior to all other 4K video services available to the consumer,” stated Alexander Rudis, Vice President of 4K Studios.

Live 4K Feature

Also new to the UltraFlix service is a Live 4K feature, which has been undergoing extensive interop testing with all of the current and upcoming OEM partners. “With recent successful testing of live 4K streaming from the 49ers Stadium, we are excited to continue to expand our network, including upcoming live 4K events that cannot be found anywhere else,” stated Aaron Taylor, vice president of sales and marketing for NanoTech. “Adding Live 4K sports, concerts and news to our growing line-up of 4K ON Demand Content is exactly what this burgeoning 4K market wants. We’re very excited to be on the forefront here as well.”

One of the key forces driving this market is the ability to deliver the best possible viewer experience. With highly optimized video compression techniques, adaptive streaming and intelligent bandwidth management technologies, UltraFlix can stream visually lossless UHD video with uninterrupted viewing as low as 4 Mbps, making the highest quality streaming experience available to most North American and European Internet subscribers today.


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