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DENVER, CO – The Navajo Nation has engaged Magellan Advisors to lead the development of a broadband plan for the Navajo Nation, spanning 26,000 square miles across four states, including Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado.

Magellan will evaluate broadband and information technology assets and develop recommendations to improve coverage for broadband, 4G/5G cellular and public safety; lower pricing; and to pinpoint areas where additional development is needed.   Magellan will target strategies that create open and affordable access to a high-performance network connecting major communities and growth areas; extend high-speed, affordable broadband access to all residents; and ensure support for economic development, education, healthcare, government and other critical services.

Magellan will assist in the formation of a new collaboration of carriers, broadband providers and the Navajo Nation Cyber Team and provide recommendations to modernize broadband-related policies, legislation and code to better support and accelerate broadband development.   Building on strategy development and policy reform, Magellan will help the Navajo Nation identify needed support and investment for infrastructure development in unserved and underserved areas, develop public/private partnerships, and recommend available methods to fund deployment.

A Long-Range Communication Plan for the Navajo Nation

Navajo Cyber Team member, Norbert Nez, IT manager, division of community development stated, “This is an incredible opportunity for the Navajo Nation. For the first time, all three branches of the Navajo Nation government have come together to plan together for broadband on the Navajo Nation. This is a giant collaborative step toward what will be a long-range plan for the Navajo Nation for communication, education, public safety, health and economic benefits. The plan will allow the Navajo Nation to invest into badly needed broadband infrastructure for the future of the Navajo people. The Navajo people, especially our children, deserve access to low-cost, high-speed broadband which is a major goal of the project.” Nez added, “This project was made possible through the support and efforts of the members of the Navajo Cyber Team, the Office of the President and Vice President, Office of the Speaker, the Judicial Branch, the Navajo Nation Council and all of the project partners.”

Magellan has a track record for success in planning, funding and deployment of advanced broadband infrastructure in remote, hard to serve areas, attracting over $105 million in new investment in long-haul, middle-mile and last-mile infrastructure in 2018-2019 alone. “Magellan looks forward to working with the Navajo Nation Cyber Team to advance broadband infrastructure and equal access to broadband-enabled opportunities for the Navajo People.”

About Magellan Advisors

Magellan plans and deploys the infrastructure that will power our cities for the next 20 years. From gigabit fiber broadband to smart grid networks to the Internet of Things, Magellan develops the most advanced fiber and wireless networks to support thriving communities of the future.

Magellan provides turnkey planning, design, deployment and operations of the fastest, most technologically advanced networks around, connecting the world at light speed and ushering in the next evolution of devices and applications in our homes, businesses and communities.

Magellan assists utilities, governments and carriers plan and execute strategic deployments of fiber and wireless networks to meet the needs of their customers, giving them a single partner that manages every step in the process and ensures that networks are delivered on time and on budget.


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